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Here’s a few more of the RAVE REVIEWS we received from Students, Teachers and Staff at schools throughout California. Book one of our shows and we promise you’ll be writing one, too!. Call 831-429-1936 or Toll-free at 1-800-540-1936 or just drop us an email here.

”I had never been in a play before because I was always too shy and embarrassed to go up in front of people and talk. Being in your play gave me the courage to stand up in front of people and talk. And it was fun! If it wasn't for you I probably would still be shy and would never want to be in a play. So thank you so much. ” – Lacey Johnson, Student Participant

”The best program in the world! A meaningful experience. The highlight of the year for both the teachers and students. ” – LOUISE KLAYMAN, Principal, Foothill School

“Your message is so essential and important – and you have the gift of translating it
through art.”

–Penny Chesluk,
Teacher, Cerra Vista School

”Your troupe is consistently the highest quality. Students are always left with a positive, high spirited mood. If it has the name "Theatre of All Possibilities" on it, we want it!” – JIm Boismier, 5th grade teacher, Cadwallader School

”Thank you for giving my students an amazing experience. I've never seen them smile so much. You've formed my class into a cohesive, smooth working team. Who knows where this experience will take them! I can only hope that next year I'll get lucky, and have the benefit of being able to participate again in this marvelous program.” – Barry Inoue, Teacher, Christopher School

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“Theatre of All Possibilities is always the best assembly of the school year.”
–Burt Williams,
Teacher, Olive School

”It was a great experience getting the kids prepared for the performance. It was fun during the whole process. The teachers put our names into a hat to see who would get to work with you. Next time I'm going to put my name in a bunch of times!” – Bruce Green, 4th grade participating teacher, Fremont School

”One of my teacher’s was going to be gone today but she switched her schedule, she said she wouldn’t miss your performance for the world” – Ruth Alsandor, Principal, Rosa Parks School

”The Dancing Man was wonderful!!! A solo performer kept five hundred students enthralled with his unique storytelling ability. The entire staff was effusive in their praise of his acting ability, his story telling talents, and the positive way in which he interacted with the students.” – Sandra N. Stewart, Principal, Truckee Elementary School

“Thank you. I will never forget the experience I had for the rest of my life”
–Emily Hafer,
Student Participant