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Storytelling Performances

Presented by Theatre of All Possibilities’ Artistic Director – a master storyteller, highly acclaimed actor, award-winning playwright, well-known for his dynamic performances.

Literature Live (K-6)
Bring books to life with this interactive storytelling performance filled with both comedy and drama. Watch the magic of imagination transform the everyday into the spectacular! Stories are drawn from the best-loved classics of children’s literature. Audience interaction delights and vividly involves students. Literature based with a multi-cultural theme.

The Dancing Man (K-6)
Dance, drama, storytelling, and comic pantomime are woven together in this fascinating tale of a young boy who meets a most peculiar old man and grows to fill his shoes. The story revolves around the themes of self-worth and realizing our dreams, and reminds us to have fun while pursuing them. Performed “in-the-round” this piece of modern literature becomes a unique theatrical experience.

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  • Curriculum Based
  • Fulfills Standards in:
    • History
    • Social Studies
    • Literature
    • Multi-Cultural Studies
    • Performing Arts Framework

  • Teaches Public Speaking Skills
  • Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Teaches Teamwork
  • Inspires students to take an active role in making a positive difference in the world
  • Exposure to Quality Theater
  • Fun and Memorable Way to Learn
  • Stimulates Interest in School Subjects
  • Enjoyment of seeing fellow students on stage with professionals


“Wow! The fabulous evaluations just keep pouring in. Thanks to all your troupe for continuing to bring such outstanding programming to our children.”

–NANCY GRACE, Director,
SPECTRA Cultural Arts Commission

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